Back for term 2

We were all excited to be back with our friends on Wednesday morning after the holiday. Our classroom had a new display about the fire of London and the flames are all lit up. We all went WOW!

On Thursday the fire brigade came to talk to us about fire safety. We learnt that fire alarms should be tested every week. If our clothes catch fire we should stop, drop and roll but not run around because that makes the fire burn more. If our house is on fire we should get out and stay out. We also got to see all the fire fighting equipment and got to climb up into the back seats of the fire engine.

Thank you to the brave fire fighters from Wantage for coming to talk to us.


2 thoughts on “Back for term 2

  1. We heard all about the fire brigade visit and how to keep safe.
    Max also shared with us about baddies on the internet.


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