Learning Without Pens and Pencils

This week we had a real challenge in class. On Wednesday it was No Pens Day and we weren’t allowed to use any pens or pencils. We thought we would be able to play all day but Mrs Merrison had other ideas! In Maths we had to prove our answers but using equipment and by explaining our answer with our words. In art we had to create a background by cutting paper and sticking shapes together, a bit like Henri Matisse, an artist that we learned about last week. In spelling we had to sort words, spot the rule and make words with magnetic letters. In history we had to cut and match items to a modern kitchen and a kitchen from long ago. We managed to learn lots even though we couldn’t write things down. Someone did spot Mrs Merrison with a pen up her sleeve, we wonder if she used it!!!

Congratulation to our Star of the week, pictured below.



3 thoughts on “Learning Without Pens and Pencils

  1. Loving the idea of a no pens/pencils day.. gets them thinking through problems using different skills! Well done Dan for getting Star of the Week!


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